The Vocational Training at Bustee Welfare Centre is an option open to the semi-educated adults and also to the local community. The courses offered at the centre, increases their chances of getting better jobs as the student get hand-on experience as means of earning their livelihood.
Bags making Bags making
Tailoring course Tailoring course
The Vocational Training Centre was started in 1997 for training the neighborhood slum girls in various vocational skills. The objective is to help the trainees to earn and become economically independent. We have a number of volunteers who come in to teach at the centre. At Vocational Centre, the courses are structured to compliment the needs of an individual as means of earning their livelihood. Traditional home-based vocations are offered at Bustee Welfare Centre, requiring little investment to set up in business.
Beautician course Beautician Course
Electrician course Electrician Course
Macramé, Cutting & Tailoring, Bag making, Embroidery, Fabric & Stain glass painting, crochet.

Our primary goal is to give the opportunity to the adult to interact directly with people as a result of which the vocational training centre is constantly updating with the new trend in the industry.
Short-term courses such as the much sort Cookery and Beauty Therapy are also taught to the girls and Electric, Armature & Coiling course to the youth. We have introduced in the Beauty Culture and Health Care classes Yoga exercises, taught by teachers, provided by Rama Krishna Mission. Certificates are awarded, on successful completion of training on the above courses, by Ministry of Human Resources, Govt of India.
Embroidery handwork Embroidery Handwork
Exquisite handicraft Exquisite Handicraft
The girls get remuneration on the basis of the work completed by them and this becomes their regular source of income and is the first step in the process of becoming self-sufficient. Exhibitions are held annually, showcasing the items made at Vocational Training Centre. In a way the above programs have a promising future and many of them are working from their homes, helping their family to live in a secure and stable environment.