Brought up in the squalid confines of the urban slums they had found a new self-esteem and self-worth within the cheerful space of their educational institution – Bustee Welfare Centre.
Mou SarkarA young girl around 20 years, swiftly moving from one table to another; collecting orders for food and serving the same to the customers – she is Mou Sarkar happy and content to get this employment in a reputed Kolkata based Chinese cuisine restaurant. Mou is the only child of her parents, but due to abject poverty it was difficult for them to provide minimum support towards her education. Moreover, her father, a bus conductor by profession, was addicted to opium; therefore, not regular in his duty. From childhood Mou was determined to earn her own living and provide support to her family. After completing her Higher Secondary exams she attended a six months diploma certificate course in Hospitality Management and in spoken English to imbibe more professional ability. Simultaneously she was also groomed by BWC for this profession. She is earning approximately Rs 5000/- per month, supplementing her family’s income.
Samit Sharma The Social Worker of Bustee Welfare Centre identified a family in a nearby slum, surviving hand to mouth. The man who was a driver was struggling to maintain his family. They had the desire to send their children to school, but his low income was insufficient to meet the school expenses. Bustee Welfare Centre appeared as a blessing to them and their eldest sibling Samit Sharma was admitted to school. Samit after High school, he completed his graduation and pursued an MBA degree with the support from Bustee Welfare Centre. He is now working as an Accounts Manager in an automobile company and is happily married. The family’s socio-economic condition has improved and they have shifted away from the slums and built their own house on the fringe of the city. Samit and his family are ever so grateful to Bustee Welfare Centre for whom they could win over the challenge of poverty.
Shabnam AlamgirShabnam Alamgir, a young girl of 19, is very proud to be teaching little kids in the evening class at Blooming Daffodil School. She herself, a tiny girl, from a very needy family, was admitted to Bustee Welfare Centre. After passing her school leaving exams she persued a six months Diploma Course in Montessori Teachers’ Training. Shabnam was determined to support her family and hence she opted for the job oriented course. Besides taking a Montessori course, she has also taken training in administering injections and distribution of medicine from a hospital and is working there part time to supplement her family’s income. With determination and grit Shabnam has realized her dream to become self-reliant and a role model for her peers and her community.
Sanjoy Kumar SheetSanjoy Kumar Sheet a young man of 22 was very proud to announce that he has passed out his Masters Degree in Chemistry from IIT Roorkee one of the renowned institutions in the country. Sanjoy has a dream to do furthering his study and to do doctoral degree. Sanjoy a son of a father who earns his daily wage by cleaning private cars and mother a domestic help, stepped into BWC School as a tiny kid at the age of 3. He was a meritorious student and always showed his keen passion in studies and to escalate in life. Observing his scholastic ability BWC also provided all required support for his education. Sanjoy and his family are grateful to BWC for identifying the potential within Sanjoy and to make a bright future for him.