Social workers Social Worker
In any welfare organization, the role of a professional social worker is of great importance. In the social service department job varies as they provide mental support, necessary medical arrangement for the treatment etc. In school they work along with the teacher, helping in the scholastic performance of the children and guiding the parents accordingly. The social worker also provides exposure to the meritorious students. At Bustee Welfare Centre, where we have schools, which is located in the community, the social workers have to play a dual role of both counselor as well as that of the community organizer. Right from admission in school to aspiring goals though higher education, the entire work scheme is being looked after by the professional social worker. She has to depend on various tools and techniques to obtain the valid data needed to bring improvement. Home visit is one such measure which forms an integral part of professional social work. In fact all our decisions regarding every aspect of a child studying under our care depend on the home visit report of the trained social worker.

Home Visits

In normal cases, every child’s house is being visited by our social worker at least once a year. On many occasions the house is visited frequently depending on the situation and the problem. The home visit is made for various reasons, such as:
  1. School related: Home visits are made as follow-up measures to help the scholastically backward children, arrange special coaching for them so that they are able to cope up with the syllabus. In this process the child’s guardian and the teachers are involved. It is a teamwork led by social workers. Similarly, to encourage talented children in various fields like art, music, dance, martial arts, swimming etc., special attentions are given by getting them admitted in special school so that they can pursue their talent.
  2. Medical Reasons: If a child is reported to be sick, a home visit is made & if the situation demands, arrangements for hospitalization or special medical care are arranged. After serious illness, if the child requires special diet, the same is looked into by Social worker. While making Home visit we not only concentrate on the child who is under our care but also gives advice to other members of the family
  3. Family related: Home visits are made for updating family economic status and if any change in the family member’s status is observed, we note it. As mentioned earlier, beside the child studying under our care we do provide guidance to other siblings, also helping them getting admission to professional course so that by standing on his / her feet, one can help the family.
  4. Broader group or the community need: All the projects that are run under the care of Bustee Welfare Centre, like adult literacy, mother and child project, financed professional courses are the outcome of our extensive work in the community from where our beneficiaries come. From the home visit report we feel that the community is in need of these services. The success of any project depends on the urge felt by the people themselves for whom this is meant. Through successful implementation of the above projects, we gain the confidence of not only our beneficiaries, but also the community at large.All these have been possible through good rapport building and home visi is an important tool for this.