1. To give free education to the underprivileged children, both general and vocational, in order to make them self-supporting.
  2. To work actively with the community.
  3. To help indirectly the bustee dwellers, through their children, for motivating their parents into practicing the habit of cleanliness and sanitation and improving the standard of living as well.
  4. To prevent exploitation of child labour.
  5. Making them self-reliant, to ensure better employment for the men and women living in the bustees.
  6. To ensure that the children study in clean and environmental friendly surroundings.
  7. To bridge the gap in improving development by working towards educating every child within the vicinity.
  8. Stress on dignity, empowering the adult to become self-reliant.
  9. Motivate individuals to identify their own issues and provide them with guidance.
  10. Focusing on child-centric teaching-learning, economic development and self-sufficiency.
  11. Right of Children to free and compulsory education.
  12. All round development of a child and ensuring the progress and creating awareness of his/her surroundings.
  13. Give hope, dignity and self-confidence to the less privileged society.
  14. Play a dual role of both counselor as well as that of the community organizer.
  15. Home visits to ensure that the scholastically backward children get special coaching to enable them to cope with the syllabus.
  16. To encourage the talented children in various fields such as dance, art, martial arts by admitting them in schools to peruse their talent.