“Lighting the way to a brighter future and self-reliance”

Bustee Welfare Centre, Kolkata, has been lighting the way to a brighter future and self-reliance for the lesser fortunate society. Our aim is to nurture and develop the potential in each child so that one day he/she can take his/her responsible place in society.

Our beginning was modest with the opening of a pavement Nutrition Feed Scheme centre in 1968 for bustee children. Every small step has showed us how much there was yet to be done, so in order to channelize the potential of these slum children on the right path, in 1971 a co-ed school was opened for slum children and today we have our own school buildings at Rowland Road for the pre-kindergarten, Monoharpukur for the Junior classes and at Lovelock Street for classes I – VII with a strength of 400 children. We have a library and Computer Centre and provide the basic amenities such as mid-day meal, uniforms, shoes and books. We also take care of around 175 outside students, who have passed out after completion of class VII from Bustee Welfare Centre, till they complete High school, providing them with their books and other academic amenities.

Apart from academic, we have other projects for Basic Health care, Mother & Child and Adult Literacy. Vocational courses in tailoring, beautician Health & culture and Electrician courses are also conducted; all expenses are borne by the Centre. Many of our students have been successful in obtaining employment in commercial and government establishments. We are also providing valuable support in promoting economic sustainability to the students, who have completed their high school, under the Adult professional project. Courses in teaching, hospitality management, computer engineering, law school and management courses are financed by the Centre.

These children are shining examples of what can be achieved through education and Bustee Welfare Centre believes that our youth is our future and our staff/teachers are equally effective in providing the kind of guidance which helps to bring out the potential, ability and talent of these less privileged children.