Weekly Visit by the Doctor Weekly Visit by the Doctor
Though education of the slum children is our primary concern, we have also paid equal importance to health of the children and Bustee Welfare Centre takes care in improving the general health of the children, their families and the community at large through its Health Clinic. We have a Homeopathic Clinic run by a qualified doctor and a trained social worker in the midst of the Bustee, where the children and families are treated free of cost. On an average over 250 people are being benefited monthly through this clinic. Keeping the background of our children in mind, we have an extra responsibility towards their healthcare. A balanced supplementary mid-day meal is provided to all our students daily, which include milk, eggs, seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Eye Check up by Rotary Club Eye Check up by Rotary Club
Repeated check-ups are arranged through welfare organizations like Rotary Club, Eye camps etc. We have a homeopathic doctor who visits our schools and centre for regular check-ups of our children. Free homeopathic clinics are serving the local people of Ahiripukur and Lower Range area. We have started a new clinic at Naresh Mitra Sarani. Along with the Doctor the social workers also look after the social problems which are hindering the child’s recovery progress. Medical needs of the children are taken care of through proper treatment facilities and arrangements are done for pathological tests and even hospitalization. The children get reimbursement for illness and medicines. For serious illnesses, surgery and the diseases which need long term treatment, BWC pays the expenses for the treatment.