House Counseling Counseling
Counselling is one of the vital components of Bustee Welfare Centre activities. Children attend the Bustee Welfare School are from the most disadvantaged section of the society. These children encounter with various odds and challenges from the beginning of their lives such as abject poverty, hunger, unhygienic environment, parental problems, degraded social atmosphere etc. Moreover, these children are mostly the first generation learners and often do not get required support from their families for their studies. All these factors result in frequent absenteeism, slow educational progress, behavioral problems etc. Apart from the above, adolescent children undergo difficult times due to massive changes occur in their physique and mind. The trained social workers provide counseling to these children and if required parents are also called for counseling. Series of process is being followed for counseling a child. If it is found that home atmosphere is not conducive, social workers pay visit to the family to interact with the members. Special attention is being taken for the child, manifest different behavior. Social workers keep collecting information about these children from the teachers and in close collaboration try to help out the children. Thus through a holistic approach Bustee Welfare Centre helps the children to find out practical solution to the problems the children are facing with.