Adult tranning session Adult Tranning Session
This project is located in the slums and has gained popularity in the community, empowering the unlettered adult access to primary education. Unlettered adults learn to read and write and have been given awareness training apart from imparting literacy. Discourses on pertinent life issues such as women’s rights, gender sensitivity, common diseases and preventive measures, low cost nutritious diet, socio-legal aid services and small saving scheme, including banking are held at regular intervals.
Adult Literacy Class Adult Literacy Class
Every year a thorough checkup of the adults is done by qualified doctors. Eye/blood camps are arranged for them. These adults are also taken on educational excursion and observe the National Holidays.


  1. Is to support the adult illiterate women to acquire functional literacy, what they require for their day to day life.
  2. The literacy class fulfils two purposes:
    1. To inculcate the importance of education among these illiterate mass.
    2. To enable them to guide their children with studies.
Adult Class in Progress Adult Class in Progress
Bustee Welfare Centre offers 3 years course. The first year is devoted to teach them functional literacy and the other two years concentrates more on advance literacy level. At the completion of each year students have to appear for Literacy test. The timing of the classes is planned according to the suitability of the women, who basically reside in the adjacent slums of the centre.
Adult Learners Adult Learners
The centre also provides play materials and open space for children who accompany their mothers to the centre. While mothers are busy at the literacy session children can have their own time playing together without disturbing their mothers. The centre caters to the health need of the learners. Once in a week a Homeopathy Clinic is organized at the centre and free medicines are provided to the patients.