“Lighting the way to a brighter future and self-reliance”
Late. Mrs. Shiela Davar
Founder Late Mrs. Shiela Davar (1913-1997)

Our beginning was modest” Bustee Welfare Centre was launched in 1968 in response to a call by the Late Mrs Shiela Davar when she noticed children loitering, playing, fighting and devising ways of killing time on road or pavements. A strong determination to do something for them and with generous aid from others, she opened a pavement Nutrition Centre, distributing milk to the bustee children up to the age of 6 years.

Subsequently she decided to improve the quality of life of urban disadvantaged children and protect the rights of the child through education, health and social mobilization. She had a vision to run a school for these children and in 1971 a co-educational school for Nursery was opened in Max Mueller Bhavan who provided the classrooms for 60 deprived children. Bustee Welfare Centre has since moved on and today we have two schools operating at Lovelock Street and Monohar Pukur, with 300 students studying from Nursery till Class VII and we have 15 pre-kindergarten children under our Mother & Child project. After class VII the students are admitted to higher secondary schools where all expenses are borne by the organization, which include books, uniforms and tuition fees.

Her Vision

Educating the less privileged children.
Make education an enjoyable experience for children.
Imparting quality education to the children from pre-school level.
Creating a stress-free, fun, clean environment.
Working towards uplifting status of the women/youth.

The primary beneficiaries of Bustee Welfare Centre’s programs are:
  1. Children living in the slums and squatter colonies.
  2. The local community.
  3. Vocational Training for the semi-adult women.
  4. Unlettered women in the community.
  5. The youth.